About Us


 Family Owned

SLAG (Southern Louisiana Granite) is a local family-owned company in Louisiana with locations in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. We’ve been in business since 2017 and have worked on hundreds of remodels and new construction homes. Therefore, we offer decades of experience in new builds and remodeling, superior products, and pride in our craftsmanship.

Glenn Foster, Jr., stepped into the Baton Rouge market to remodel homes following the 2016 flood. SLAG began as a granite countertop installation company with a showroom on Greenwell Springs Road in Baton Rouge.  Today, SLAG has evolved into a luxury lifestyle brand offering not only stonework, tile, flooring, cabinets, and hardware but a luxurious, upscale, freaking futuristic energy.

With its new storefront on Magazine Street in New Orleans, the company brings a whole new world to the granite industry. “What we’ve created on Magazine Street in New Orleans is an iconic space that can compete on a global scale,” says Pamela Foster, co-owner and wife of Glenn Foster, Jr.

Who SLAG serves 

SLAG has expanded from residential work to commercial projects—including some projects you may recognize. The brand has installed cabinets and countertops for luxury apartments throughout Baton Rouge. In New Orleans, Southern Louisiana Granite provided countertops, labor, and materials at The Sazerac House and a new boutique hotel owned by the Rubenstein family, both located on Canal Street in New Orleans.

“We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  By doing everything we can to ensure our clients have a great experience, we ensure our clients are 100 percent happy with our products and service,” says Sales Manager, Glenn Foster, Sr.

SLAG Giveaways

Every 3-6 months, Southern LA Granite donates a free countertop makeover to a resident of the Baton Rouge area. To enter, please follow our Facebook page for updates.